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Guild of Fantasy Writers: Forum-Specific Rules and Regulations
Please read and understand the following rules. By joining and posting to these forums you confirm that you have read and understood the terms of your membership. Any failure to comply by these rules may lead to you being removed and banned from the forums.

Please read as follows:

1. Please show appropriate respect and courtesy towards other members. If you do happen to have a disagreement, please try to resolve it outside of the forums, it is not appropriate to fill up the boards with intolerant and abusive posts. Respect for other peoples race, gender, background and any other issues must be shown at all times. Treat each other fairly.

2. Please keep foul and abusive language to an absolute minimum. The odd curse is fair enough, but inappropriate posts will be removed immediately.

3. Please make sure the post you are making is appropriate to the forum you are posting it into. If in doubt, ask. Posts placed in the wrong area will be moved or deleted.

4. i: Please do not use this board to advertise products, or anything else that is not related to writing.

ii: Do not post links to pornographic or unsuitable sites.

iii: You may post links in your profile or introduction post to your own galleries at elfwood, deviantart or elsewhere on the web. Tha goes for blogs too. What we object to are random advertisements for promotional and commercial sites. If you want to sell your work we suggest you do it through deviantart or through a publisher etc, not through us.

5. Please be aware of copyright laws. Do NOT steal what does not belong to you. And writers please be aware that if you post sections of writing or completed works onto the web forum, a lot of publishers will class it as published online. I am working on the creation of a critiquing circle which will be designed to avoid this: no work should ever be posted online if you intend to publish it, the pieces to be critiqued will be sent via private message or e-mail to other members of the circle or exchanged in person during meet-ups (more information to be supplied in the near future - under construction).

6. Enjoy yourselves and have fun.

Please do remember people that placing your work online in ANY format that is publically accessible constitutes as work self-published in the eyes of many publishers. We are warning you about this now - if you intend to keep your work for publication we advise you not to post it (even snippets) to these boards or anywhere else - we will be starting up an e-mail run critiquing circle for those who wish to share their work and gain feedback etc. If you do place your work on the forums here, or anywhere else WE WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT OR ANYTHING THAT FOLLOWS. This is not me simply being 'funny' about the issue, I am stating this for your own protection. Please take heed.