a rework of my contribution to Sad News by Rachel

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a rework of my contribution to Sad News by Rachel

Post by gezza on Sat Nov 29, 2008 1:50 am

Hi everyone!

As you may have read, Rachel, the administrator and founder of this site, is taking time off and reevaluating her situation with commitments in January. KS and I will be stewards of the "toned down" site until then.

I want to wish Rachel all the best over the next several months and sincerely hope that she will be able to reinvigorate the site on her return - I think we will all be there to help!

For those who would like to participate in deep writing sessions a separate site has been set up. All are welcome to join in until Rachel is well enough to restart the Guild.

While we (Gezza and KnorraSky) are happy to assist Rachel in this time of need, we know that we cannot fill her shoes. So for any who join in on the new site we will keep you posted as to when Rachel is ready and back. At that time we hope all will return to the GFW. Truly this place means a lot to her.

The new site is at: IFWG

This new site is new and, like any cooperative effort, requires many hands to work. We invite you to come over and see.



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